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First Timer’s Guide to Selling Your Car

Selling your car

Selling your car isn’t all that easy, it can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. There are many difficulties in the process. This is especially true for the state of NSW, which has the highest number of reported vehicle scams. Reporting a whopping amount of $97,297 just this year.

Many things need to be taken into consideration when selling your car. There are several questions to answer if you are looking to secure a “fair trade”. Do you have the right buyer? How are you going to sell your car? Most importantly, are you getting back your car’s worth? Your questions will be answered in our first-timer’s guide to selling their car.

Options Available When Selling Your Car

Fortunately, there are many ways to find a buyer for your car. Each of these comes with its unique benefits and drawbacks. So take the time to weigh each option carefully.

You can choose to trade in your car to a wholesale or retail dealership. With a speedy process and no comebacks, this is especially desirable for its convenience. However, selling to a wholesale or retail dealership comes with its drawbacks, chiefly having to accept a price much below market value.

  • Auction House: When you go the route of the auction house, you don’t have to take care of the messy stuff. Auction companies typically do an excellent job in marketing and can help you get the maximum out of your car. However, you must know there is often a fee charged to enter the auction and you have to take the trouble to set a reserve price.
  • Private Buyer: Here, you take care of everything from marketing to viewings to negotiating with the buyers. There are several choices like Carsales, Gumtree, and Carsguide for you to get started. If you are short on time, we would advise against this as the onus of the sale is entirely on you.
  • Car Buyer: This is the option to choose if you want speed and convenience. Especially if your car has been going through some massive troubles – a car buyer can help. The benefit of this service is that everything from the estimation to removal will be handled on the same day. No questions asked and cash in your hand.

Prepare Before Selling Your Car

The appearance of your car or the way it’s presented to a buyer plays a considerable role in the final sale. It’s crucial to have your car thoroughly cleaned both inside and out without missing a single spot. This is especially important before shooting pictures as flattering pictures invite more people to make inquiries. A professional cleaning may elevate your vehicle to another level and give it the flair it needs to stand out from the sea of listings. If you can’t be bothered with fixing the little dings and scratches, even a simple cleaning will make a difference.

Get Your Car Valued Before Negotiating

A vehicle valuation can provide a thorough evaluation of a car’s current market value based on the major determinants of pricing. When buying, selling, trading in, or insuring a vehicle, it helps to determine the current value of your car. You can get a car evaluation done online with companies such as Experts such as motor vehicle assessment NSW will also send in someone for a physical valuation of your car.

Be mindful that most of these services cost something extra or sometimes aren’t quite accurate. While we always recommend doing your research, a reliable car scrapper like Scrap Car Removal will be the best source to help you out. Just give them a call, state the make, model and condition and get an accurate estimation within minutes.

Create a Listing To Sell

Having a nice, reasonably priced car moves us on to the next stage, which is to take some pictures. Your vehicle will be more marketable and have the potential to attract more buyers once you have some great images. Important points to consider are that most sellers need to take high-quality pictures with good lighting and important shots. For example, pictures of essentials such as the odometer and interior shots will seal the deal. After the photography stage, you can list it online and wait for potential buyers.

Wait for Inquiries or Make a Call

This is probably the hardest bit of the whole process, as selling a car takes time to attract buyers. The estimated time it takes to sell a car in Sydney is around 50 days but can take up to months. Once you do have a potential buyer and they have viewed the car you can then negotiate on the price and the peripherals.

Of course, if you don’t want to take that kind of trouble, you can always choose the cash for car route. When you connect with a reliable car buyer, they take care of many of these worries. Simply place a call and everything from the valuation to the car removal and payment will be carried out on the very same day.

The Final Details

After having found the right buyer there are still a few crucial points to consider and some key actions to undertake.

  • Ensure you and the buyer sign the transfer of registration and procure a statement of disposal. Also, take the trouble to exchange pertinent information like the VIN. The buyer keeps the transfer of registration, while you, the seller, keep the notice of disposal slip.
  • Make sure you collect all your belongings from the car. Additionally, make sure you take off the e-tag and close your toll account. This is necessary, so you don’t end up losing anything or paying for something you are not using.
  • In case you are selling your car to a cash for car service, ensure that the number plates are removed as they can be reimbursed at your nearest Service NSW. Additionally, make sure to ask about their wrecking facilities.
  • Provide the buyer with necessary supplies like the owner’s manual, all extra keys, accessories, and a logbook with all the service history. It also helps to provide your contact information as a sign of trust.

After having read this article, you’re well on your way to having a profitable selling experience. This first timer’s guide to selling a car is an attempt to aid everyone looking for answers. The first time selling a car can seem overwhelming but with this guide, it doesn’t have to be. We are happy to help you with any other queries you may have so simply give us a call.

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