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Second Hand Car Buyer Sydney

You read that correctly: We are Sydney’s reliable second hand car buyer offer cash for your car UpTo $8,999.  You can sell your car to Scrap Cars Removal without having to buy a car from us or any other conditions. Do you no longer like your car? Do you need to get rid of it? Whatever the reason, we’ll buy your vehicle at the right price.

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second hand car buyer sydney

At Scrap Cars Removal, we pay top cash for cars. As a second hand car buyer based in Sydney, we will come to you and pick your car up. Our service is always quick, hassle-free and very generous when it comes to the payment.

Selling a car is more time consuming than buying one. That’s why we are here to offer a quicker way to sell it. We promise to give you the right price for yours. We have a reputation for being fair and equitable and all of our efforts go in that direction. As your second hand car buyer, we also offer to pick up your car for FREE.

Sell My Used Car in Sydney

Just imagine, no additional work to prepare the car before the sale. No exhausting inspections, no promises to think and call back. No bidding or attempts to bring down the price.

  • We carry out the assessment ourselves
  • We prepare documents for free; we provide a free tow truck and pick-up service;
  • We provide full legal support and guarantee the legality of the transaction;
  • We pay up to 90% of the market value.

Our second hand car buyer service is a reliable way to quickly sell a car in any condition. The urgent buyout of used cars concerns cars and trucks sold by individuals or companies. We offer generous cash for used cars that may even have damage. Condition of the vehicle isn’t top priority for us.

Popular brands and rare ones, cheap and expensive cars, we buy all. Using our second hand car buyer service will come to the rescue when you need urgent cash for cars. Selling a car privately will be more hassle for less pay.

If you are considering such an option as buying a used car, contact our company by phone or using the feedback form on the website.

Preparing for the sale of a vehicle takes exactly as much time as you need to make a decision. From our side, buying used machines takes one day. You could call us today and have sold your car in a matter of a few hours. We usually offer same-day service but even in the busiest times we can buy your car the next day.

Selling Used Car at Scrap Cars Removal looks like this

You contact us with a request to evaluate your car and offer you a quote; The appraiser will ask  you a few questions about your car such as:

  • Year Made
  • Model
  • Odometer reading
  • Condition of the vehicle

After that, you will receive a quote for your car. Alternatively, you could visit our office to get a quote as well.

Having received the appraiser’s quote, you make a decision. We can buy the car immediately or you could take your time to consider. There are no obligations at all and the quote is free of charge.

What you receive in the quote is what you will be paid given all the information was correct about your car. We will also handle the paperwork for your convenience and take away your car free of charge on one of our tow trucks. This is what makes us Sydney’s no1 second hand car buyer why wait call us now!

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