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How do I Sell My Car if it has engine issues?

A car with engine issues is never easy to maintain. The engine is the heart of a vehicle when the engine goes bad or is gone- it’s probably best to get rid of the whole vehicle.

Of course, you could always replace the engine with a new one. But that is extremely costly not to mention time consuming and requires paperwork. One of the main solution is to sell your car to a cash for car company, Main benefit less headache.

Is the engine worth fixing or replacing?

Replacing the engine of a vehicle often costs more than what the actual vehicle is worth on the market. And finding a used engine that doesn’t potentially have problems of its own, may prove to be challenging as well. So, what can you do with a car that has engine problems?

Once the engine to your vehicle starts giving you trouble, you’re probably better off getting a new car than spending money on trying to fix or replace the engine. Selling a vehicle with engine problems might not be so easy though. Who will buy a used car that doesn’t function properly? The truth is, finding a buyer will be challenging unless you sell the vehicle to a scrap yard.

Where can you sell your used car with a blown engine?

Most dealerships are unwilling to buy a vehicle with engine trouble because the cost of fixing or replacing an engine is just not worth the trouble. Selling it privately is also difficult because most people looking to buy a vehicle are searching for one with a working engine- unless you find someone who is looking to buy your used vehicle to strip and reuse its parts.

The best place to sell a vehicle with engine damage is to the scrap yard.

Cash for Cars Scrap Yard

Cash for Cars purchase all sorts of used and damaged vehicles. We will purchase your damaged vehicle- even if the engine has blown. Yes, we can still make use of it – even without a workable engine.

The vehicle will be stripped down. Any reusable parts it has will be stored and sold as parts. The vehicle is then cleaned from any toxic liquids it possesses and then it is scrapped.

Don’t worry about bringing it in. At Cash for Cars, we will come and pick up your used car at a time and place that suits you- Free of charge. 

Schedule an appointment for pick-up and one of our professional drivers will come to you and pick up your car, and pay you cash for its worth.

Why spend thousands of dollars on trying to fix or replace a deceased engine? Call Cash for Cars today and get a free quote.  We purchase used and damaged vehicles every day. We specialise in evaluating used and damaged vehicles and offer free car collection to all our customers.

Worried about the environmental impacts?

If you are reluctant to sell your car for scrapping because of environmental reasons, then you need not be concerned. Cars for Cash are authorised and covered by insurance. We make certain that each car is scrapped in an environmentally friendly manner, with no hazardous materials left behind. All liquids and other dangerous compounds, such as those present in batteries, are removed from all the vehicles we purchase. All pieces that are no longer usable are disassembled, and the majority of them are stored for resale. After that, the scrap metal is sold and recycled.

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