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How to Sell an Expired Unregistered Car in NSW

Do you have an unregistered car in New South Wales, the registration for which has expired? Well, not to worry. There are a large number of unregistered cars in New South Wales, especially Sydney. But what happens when you drive a car without rego?

Well, you get caught and get a hefty fine that you’d rather not pay. Getting your registration done is going to be way cheaper, trust us!

If you’re trying to sell your unregistered car in NSW, you need to consider the following

  1. The Make and Model of Your Car

    It depends on which car you’re trying to sell. If its a Ute, the chances are, you’ll be able to sell it faster. The demand for second-hand cars in the market is usually high in NSW, but lately, the supply has been high as well. Not to try to delve into Economics, but this basically means they buyers of second-hand cars usually have a lot of options to choose from. If your model is not a popular one, or worse, is a Lemon, you might have troubles trying to sell it.

  1. The Price You’re Willing to Offer

    Again, depends on how much you’re selling it for. Don’t expect to be overpaid, but do not accept any price that is lower than its valued at. If you offer a car that is not registered to the seller at a higher price, it won’t sell as the owner will see no-rego as a weakness for buying your vehicle. Quicker way to sell a car for good amount would be to contact local cash for cars service and they could offer potentially

  2. The Condition of Your Car

    Of course, if you try to sell a trashed car to a car buyer in Sydney, they are going to run as soon as they get the chance to. Try to assess your old vehicle with appropriate measures and you will be able to figure out the price to quote to your buyers.

  3. The Location You’re Selling it From

If you’re located in a convenient space where people can come, have a look at your car and deal with you, you’re in a great location that is central to the city. Probably in the CBD area. But if you’re far away, somewhere near Blacktown, it could be a tough task to reach you, and your buyers will all be from areas nearby. You might also be compelled to drive to a location just to be able to deliver your vehicle.

What Else can I do If my Vehicle in Not Registered in NSW?

One way to deal with it is that you get your vehicle registered as soon as possible. This way, you can sell your unregistered car in Sydney without having much trouble. This is, of course, something you must have considered, and might have good reason to not get it registered. But as specialists in the automobile industry with years of experience, we can tell you it’s a good idea to sell your vehicle for a better price.

Another thing that you can try doing, is selling your car by lowering your price a little. If you reduce the price of your car, you might get a few buyers willing to buy it. The idea is to give the buyer a reason to buy from you, instead of giving them another reason to be able to bargain with you. This will make sure that you get rid of your car in Sydney within a few weeks time. This will also be a very convenient option for you as you will not have to deal with the registration paperwork or the process.

The final idea that we have to offer to you, is to get in touch with a local, reliable car removal company in Sydney. Scrap Cars Removals is a car removal company in Sydney that has been serving its customers with expired registrations on their cars. They will pick your car up for free, and pay you fully instantly. Instant cash for cars and same day pickup service, sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it isn’t. They are scrap car buyers and regularly buy and sell old cars and vehicles for their own business. Once you sell your vehicle to them, they will either re-sell it, dismantle it to get its parts or wreck it. They also process cars through scrap metal recycling and produce raw material to be used by other manufacturing units all over Sydney.

Get in touch with Scrap cars Removals today and get a free valuation of your car along with a free cash quote. You will be offered cash amount as high as $8999 for your expired and unregistered vehicle in New South Wales. You can get in touch through the phone or by filling up an online inquiry form on our website. Our customer service officers will do their best to give you the best cash offer for your unregistered vehicle and save you the hassle!

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