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What Happens To My Car When I Scrap It

what happens to scrap carIf you have come across this blog, you are very likely somewhere in the process of scrapping your car. For most of us, our cars are like a member of the family and the prospect of letting go can seem hard. This is especially true when most media content about car disposal is rather unpleasant.

You might also be concerned about the environmental impact if it’s just lying around in a scrapyard degrading. All these concerns are valid and as experts in scrap cars, we can better assuage your fears. Our information about our very own scrapping process will help inform the decision of scrapping your car.

Assessing the Car

This is a layered process as some of the assessment takes place the moment you give us a call. Our team is trained and experienced to estimate the value of the car based on the details you provide us. Additionally, we also have a pretty wide database that we consult to ensure accuracy and reliability. After this primary assessment, you are asked to provide any additional information. This is necessary, so we can arrange for retrieval equipment or special tools.

We do a secondary check on-site but this inspection is pretty basic, to assess if the car is as described. This is where your journey with your car, unfortunately, ends but you can be assured that you will be paid handsomely for it. At our wrecking facility, our experts do a thorough check of the various parts. We meticulously assess if anything can be saved or if the car needs to be recycled right away. There is a comprehensive test that determines if it is fit for scrapping.

The Depollution Process

Depollution is an extremely important step in the scrapping process. One that is often missed when you send your old car to the landfill. This is a dangerous precedent because cars like most machines contain toxic materials and non-biodegradable parts. When improperly treated or disposed of without care, these can leach into the surroundings harming the environment. Not only that, but it can also pose a potential threat to human life.

So you need someone with commitment and expertise to undertake this step and we are up to the task. We attempt to recycle everything possible to reduce the amount of waste, so even things like antifreeze fluids, coolants, and lubricants find use. All hazardous materials like lead and mercury are professionally treated before they are disposed of in an environment-friendly way.

Dismantling and Salvaging

90% of most cars can be recycled, so when you dispose of your car at a landfill or with an unreliable car wrecker, this potential is not realized. While tyres, windshield glass, batteries, and metal are the most commonly recycled parts. We also find a use for ones that don’t often score high on the list like rubber hoses, plastic components, and even carpets. Our process is rather thorough and everything that can be salvaged will be salvaged.

Whatever has been salvaged goes through a pretty methodical reconditioning before it is sold as parts. This not only saves what would otherwise be wastage but also contributes to a circular economy. In this manner, you can contribute your bit to help someone in a fix requiring an OE part. Only after these carefully curated steps is the car sent for the familiar shredding and crushing.

Crushing and Shredding

We are all aware that our cars are mostly metal, wouldn’t it be great if this metal could give your car a new life as something else? That is exactly what we attempt to do but unlike in the movies crushing and shredding is not a single-step event. Firstly, we have to check if any of the metal parts have accumulated any rust. While we do try our best to solve the problem through the latest available methods, there is no guarantee that it will always be successful.

After this check, the metal is shredded to make it easier to handle, this effectively reduces the amount of energy required to melt or press the metal. This is far more energy efficient than producing new metal, so scrapping your car is a true service. Post this the metal is sent to a press and can be any given shape – sheets, cubes, etc., which can be reused for anything.

When your old car has overstayed its welcome and is now simply causing trouble, it is kinder to let go. Scrapping car is a great way to make some extra cash while being an eco-conscious member of the community. Furthermore, when you leave it to the hands of experts like Scrap Car Removal, you can be assured that the process is clean and green and that you will be paid fairly for your troubles.

So don’t delay the inevitable, give us a call today at 0432 022 021.

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