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What To Do With An Accident Damaged Car?

What to do with accident damaged carThis is a miserable situation we hope to find no one in. Undeniably, the roads can be dangerous and you might find yourself with an accident-damaged car. You might be at a crossroads, trying to understand what you can do with such a car. We are here to rescue you from this tricky situation. Our experts outline the next steps and the best options for you. While it may seem like all is lost, it is not and these titbits of information are sure to help you out.

Your First Steps

When in an accident, it is very easy to panic. If you have not been hurt physically, we would advise you not to, so you can be clear-headed for the next steps. If you find yourself in any kind of physical distress, your first order of business should be to seek medical aid. Call an ambulance or alert a passer-by immediately. If not, here is what you should do next.

Collect Contact Information

If there is a second party involved in the accident, collect the information of the person. Even if it is your fault, this is an essential step. In case you find it necessary, collect the contact details of any witnesses as well. This is needed to support your insurance claims.

Report The Incident

No matter what the situation of the accident is, law enforcement agencies have to be informed. Make sure to provide accurate details about the time, date, circumstances, and condition of your car. The police will be able to assist you with any safety concerns.

Assess The Car

Your first order of business should be to switch off the engine. Then please assess if you have any kind of wounds. You assess the car only after you have made sure you are okay. If you suspect the damage is severe, we suggest doing so from a distance as it could be dangerous.

Call Your Insurance Provider

For your claim to go through as soon as possible, it is necessary to inform the insurance provider at the earliest possible opportunity. Note that if the accident has been caused by you, your premium is bound to increase when the next renewal comes up.

To Claim Or Not To Claim

To start with, if you are not insured, repairs can cost an arm and a leg. If you are uninsured but your accident was with a car that is insured and you are at fault, you might be contacted to cover some part of the insurance claim. It is also known that there is an excess amount that will have to be paid out of your pocket. When you make this insurance claim, also know that you will most likely lose your no-claim bonus.
So making a claim should be an organised decision especially if you don’t have a comprehensive plan.

Here are a few scenarios to consider to inform your choice better.

  • If you have provided false details about the claim or information about your driving history is inauthentic, insurers are unlikely to accept your claim.
  • In case the cost of repair is less than or equal to the amount of excess, it is not worthwhile to claim unless you are in a financial fix.
  • Your car might be declared a statutory or repairable write-off in which case it is unsafe to repair or the cost of repair is higher than the market value of the car.
  • You might choose to pursue legal action against the other party instead of making a claim, and checking if your provider can cover it as it can be expensive.
  • In the rather unfortunate situation that you are uninsured, weigh out if the repairs are worth it, if they are extensive, we would advise against it.

Selling An Accident Car

Due to the poor experience you’ve had, you might want to sell the car in question. This might be true even if the insurer has paid for most of the repairs. You can choose to sell to a private seller but be warned that without conducting the necessary repairs, this endeavour will prove futile. We can’t stress this enough, always be upfront and honest about the accident history. If the buyer finds out through an inspection, this can be unpleasant or even illegal.

Now if the car has been heavily damaged, this will be a different case. No private buyers or dealerships will take it off your hands. If they are willing, the price offered will be a minuscule portion of the market value. At this time, we would advise you to pursue the cash for car route as all these headache-inducing hitches are not quite applicable to them.

There are also several benefits of choosing a car buyer like Scrap Cars Removal

    • Fair Evaluations are provided within minutes based on the scrap metal and salvageable parts available. So the estimation you receive will be market accurate and honest.
    • FREE Towing will be provided once you decide to sell to them, they will retrieve and remove the car from your premises without charging you anything.
    • Any Condition is acceptable to them and they buy cars as is without any repairs necessary and the value offered suffering due to the accident.
    • Hassle-Free Paperwork is a blessing and when it’s handled by someone else it is better. What’s more? They do this at no extra cost and without bothering you.
    • A Quick Process is highly appreciated especially when time is sparse. So you will appreciate how the entire process usually takes less than 24 hours.
    • Instant Cash is ultimately what we are all on the lookout for. Reliable car buyers will offer you on-spot payments via bank transfer once the inspection is done.

All said and done, what you ultimately choose to do with an accident car is entirely up to you. However, the pointers above should help guide you the right way.
If you are ever in a fix as to what to do with such a car, don’t hesitate to call Scrap Car Removal at any time at 0432 022 021.

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