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How Can I Get Money For My Old Car?

In many occasions we do not know how to get money for your old car, especially when we do not need it regardless of the conditions in which it is.There are usually different options to get rid of our car, however, it is a good practice to properly assess the options that are presented since in this way you can get more money for your old car and also get rid of your vehicle that is really the objective.

Can I get money for my old car?

The sale of used cars has been a market that has been dizzyingly booming due to the great offer that is presented every day, since there are many people who choose to change cars and do not know what to do with the old car. Used Car Buyers and Car Removal services are one of the best options when it comes to how can I get money for my old car.

  • These types of companies offer more money for your old and used vehicle.
  • They represent a great option to get cash quickly and safely, plus you can solve the space problem.
  • Running cars are the most profitable alternative for these companies so if your car is running the money you will receive will be much higher.
  • You can also get cash for not-running old car
  • Sell your car and get paid the same day
  • It is recommended that you do not invest money in the vehicle you want to get rid of to improve it and try to get more money, this does not always increase the value of your used car.
  • Remember that scrap metal is also of great value to local salvages that are designed to compare this type of material.

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Various options

When we have an old car, whether it is in good condition or unusable, we always have different options presented by the different companies dedicated to the service of buying junk cars, old cars. However, here are few more options:

Trade it in

One of the great options on offer to dispose of your old vehicle is to trade it in for another.

When different companies require certain characteristics and very particular models, they offer the option of exchanging the old car for a new one as part of the payment for the new acquisition.

So it is necessary to know that the value of the old car will only be to pay a part of the new car.

This option often represents certain disadvantages for the owner, but it can certainly also mean a solution.

At different times the value offered by the old vehicle is much lower than can be obtained by other means.


Although this option is one of the least performed by sellers, it also represents a solution to the problem.

It consists of exchanging one old vehicle for another on equal terms.

In barter there are also certain drawbacks, since many times we expect something better than what we really get since we can receive a car much lower than ours.

Donate it

Donating or giving a car that is no longer of any use to us means contributing to a noble cause.

The advantageous part is that we can deduct taxes with this type of donation.

But there are also certain inconveniences when leaving the car that we want to donate in optimal conditions, although in some cases it is only about making minor repairs, these also represent expenses.

Dismantle it

In many countries of the world there are very large markets that are dedicated to selling and buying used auto parts but in good condition.

The function that these companies offer is to sell at a slightly lower cost the parts of the different most recognized car brands to replace those parts of the vehicles that no longer function properly.

To carry out this option what you must do is dismantle your car, select the parts that are in good working order and take them to the different companies that can pay for them, remember that all the parts have their cost, you can even get to sell up to the tin.

One of the things to keep in mind is that the younger the vehicle, the more money you can get from the parts sold and the more recognized the brand of your vehicle, the faster you can sell them.

Sell ​​it

Definitely the most ideal option for many people who want to get rid of their old vehicle in poor condition is to contact a junk car company to which they can sell their vehicle without much paperwork involved. Now that you know How To Sell your car the decision is on your hand.

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