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When you have to sell your car in Sydney, it’s easy to get dazzled by a whole lot of information on the internet. But here, at Scrap Cars Removals, we are prepared to give you the best experience for your car removal. This is the reason we have come up with the ‘Checklist’ that you can have a look at and use as you go about the process of selling your car.

These are the #ThingsYouNeed

These are the things that should be available to you when you get in touch with us so that we can get going with the legal procedures immediately. Please note that you can only sell your car if you own it.

  1. Your Identification

    You need to have a photo ID proof of yours that is your driver’s license or your passport. It is required to confirm your identity and your ownership of the vehicle.

  2. Your Ownership Proof

    Legally, you have to have proof that you own the vehicle. In case you have your car registered still, we can get it undone for you, or you can get it done by submission of a notice of disposal form. Any registration left will be refunded by the RMS by cheque.

  3. Get Rid of Your Number Plates

    We can help you get rid of your number plates. This is required to be done as this is a process of you transferring your vehicle to us. This number plate can easily be transferred to another vehicle if you want, or you can return it to a service centre.

Here’s what you will need for your vehicle when you are planning to sell it, in the chronological order.

These are your #ThingsToDo:

  1. You need to get in touch with us

    Contact us through call, through email, or through our online quote form. You will be out in touch with a friendly car removal expert from Scrap Cars Removals who will make sure they are attending to you right away!

  2. Get Yourself a Free Evaluation

    Once you have contacted us, you need to give us some details about yourself and your vehicle. The most important thing for us to know is the make, model and condition of your vehicle. Even though we accept all kinds of cars, vans, trucks or any other vehicles, we need to determine the amount of cash we would pay to you for your vehicle.

    Giving us the right make, model and condition for your vehicle will give you a much higher quote for your vehicle and will reduce the time of the process. Please note that this evaluation is done online, hence it is done immediately, giving you an instant and free cash quote for your vehicle.

  3. Say Yes! To Our Car Valuation

    You can either accept or reject this quote. This is a no-obligation quote, which means that once you have asked for a quote you don’t have to say yes. Your car, your price and your freedom!

  4. Book Your Slot for Car Removal

    Step 4 is easy, as you only need to tell us whether you want to remove your car right now, today, or on another day. We are flexible and can make a booking according to your schedule.

  5. Remove Your Personal Belongings from the Vehicle

    Your belongings need to be removed from the vehicle as it will be taken away by our driver. Once it is in our backyard, without any identification, it gets difficult to find something that you leave in the car. Please remember to remove your E-tag as well.

  6. Get Your Vehicle Towed Away

    It’s the last step on the checklist! You need to finally wave goodbye to your vehicle once our driver comes over to pick it up. Once you have gotten your car towed away, you will immediately get the cash in your account.

Paperwork and Legal Help Services

At Scrap Cars Removals, we ensure that all your work gets completed without any hassle. When you are selling your car to us, it is our duty to make sure that you do not face any road bumps on the way.

Here, our legal experts make sure that your paperwork is taken care of before you get your vehicle picked up from your location. This way, you prevent yourself from getting the paperwork wrong or having to pay fines because you made a minor error on it.

Get in touch with our car removal company in Sydney to take your car buying dream a step ahead, where you can sell it to a high cash-paying removal company. You can call Scrap Cars Removals now on 0432 022 021. Call now to sell instantly!

Since cash payments are not legal anymore, we will be transacting through electronic transfer or cheques. Any compliance issues will be dealt with fines up to $30,000. 

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