Why consumers believe buying an electric car is beneficial in 2018

Consumers are starting to believe in electric cars as a viable and practical solution to transport. There has been a shift in perception towards electric cars and here we consider why consumers now believe in buying electric.

Reduced costs

On the most basic level there is now tangible evidence that electric cars save you money. According to The US Environmental Protection Agency, an electric car will cost you $3.74 for 100 miles compared to a comparable vehicle costing $13.36 for the same distance. If you drive 12,000 miles per year that is a saving of $1,154, which quite clearly begins to add up to be a great idea! (http://www.hybridcars.com/top-10-reasons-you-should-buy-an-electric-car-now/2)

Why choose electric cars

Car prices have reduced

When electric cars first came on the market they could save you money but they had very high purchase costs. As the technology has improved and a number of companies have started offering them, however, the price of these cars has dramatically reduced. With electric cars now competing with petrol and diesel on price this makes them very attractive given the savings that can be enjoyed on running costs.

Incentives are available

There are also incentives in place to encourage people to scrap their old car and switch to electric. This can increase the savings on your purchase and allow you to get a better car and one that will cost you less. With a tax incentive you win all the way.

Infrastructure is now available

While the idea of hunting down charging points to refuel was at first seen as an unnecessary hassle for electric car drivers, the years since they were introduced have seen them popping up all over the place. With chargers in many retail stores and charger maps that point you to every charging point in your area, it is now easy to find somewhere to give your electric car some juice. In many ways, this has now become easier than getting petrol because you can leave your car plugged in while you shop or watch a film. No longer do you have to drive across town to find the best petrol price.

Solar Power

In Australia, in particular, the connection between the electric car and solar power makes them even more attractive. With solar panels on your garage roof you can benefit from free charging that will keep you running around town and getting to and from work with no difficulty at all. This can effectively eliminate the cost of fuel to run your vehicle so that you only have to pay the costs of maintenance. It is a no-brainer to embrace a system that lets you drive for free!

They save the planet

Perhaps most importantly is the fact that electric cars take a step towards saving the planet. By reducing the amount of fossil fuels that you are burning you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint and lessen the harm we are causing to our planet. Scrapping your car and going electric helps you to do your bit.

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