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The Most Common Problems With Your Car

Common Problems with Your Car Throughout your time with your car, it is not unheard of for it to run into some problems now and then. It is when these problems become more frequent that it is concerning. However, keeping an eye out for the usual suspects can go a long way in retaining the car’s durability. Furthermore, this will ensure that your family and you have a very safe drive on the roads. While it can be hard to identify these problems early on, browsing our list will be a good place to start.

1. Engine Disturbance

When your engine starts making unfamiliar noises, it is a sign that there is some trouble. Engine trouble can however be too broad a label to study. Since there are several tubes and parts that come together to make the engine run successfully, it could very well be a very small part causing the issue. Unfortunately, there could also be some big trouble, so it is better to get the engine checked as soon as possible. An unburdened engine runs smoothly and quietly and that’s how you’d want it to be. Here is how to sell your car with engine issues

2. Troubling Fuel Efficiency

For an everyday-use family car, what you want the most is fuel efficiency. So it can be troubling when the car starts consuming more fuel than necessary. This is something you want to catch early on before it causes undue trouble and burns a bigger hole in your pocket. The longer you keep your components unserviced and the dirtier they get, the more fuel your car will guzzle. Pay attention to the fuel injector, fuel filters, airflow sensors, and even your driving behaviour regularly to correct this issue.

3. The Overheating Problem

Now, this is a problem you want to attend to immediately. While it may seem like a common issue, this is not a warning sign you should ignore. Since most recent cars come with complex cooling systems, it is worth checking what exactly went wrong. If you notice overheating, pull over and wait for the engine to cool down. Check the sensors and coolant temperature consistently. Don’t wait around for serious engine damage before you get this checked out.

4. Flat Tyre Issues

Of course, it is not entirely uncommon for a flat tyre to occur once or twice. If it happens a little more often than you’d like, then it is a sign that you need to pay attention to your tyres. Flats are often caused by striking something sharp or hard impact causing a puncture. There may be some undue wear and tears making your tyres extra fragile. So rotate them regularly, and check the air pressure and even the alignment to prolong their life.

5. Dying Battery

As the component that primarily powers the engine, you do not want this to die at an inopportune moment. Most car batteries have a lifespan of two to five years, however, the terminals can sometimes be adulterated by acid and dirt reducing the lifespan further. Check for the signals like a slow start, dimming lights, and trouble powering the secondary parts like the stereo and the AC. This is a sign that the battery is dying, additionally, a good rule of thumb to follow is to replace the car battery every five years.

6. Failing Brakes

While the car is on the road, your priority is safety, and the brakes are vital to that. You do not want the brakes to fail while you are driving. So we urge you to pay attention to signs of distress. For example, vibrations under the brakes, sudden jerks, taking longer to stop, and the presence of odours must be a cause for concern. Brake pads can wear out due to extensive use, due to age, loss of fluid, or even the aforementioned overheating. So consistently check them to avoid any disasters.

7. Excessive Smoke

When you notice there is excess smoke coming out of the exhaust, it is simply not a good omen. This could be a sign of multiple things that are wrong with the car. To exemplify, it could be coolant leakage, engine trouble, and combustion chamber adulteration. A failed emission test could also be a sign of trouble and more concerningly unsafe. Also, pay attention to the colour of the smoke, as each could signal something different. We would urge you to get your car into the service station as soon as possible.

8. Alternator Breakage

Not a lot of us think about alternator damage but it can be a significant problem that can bring your car to an untimely stop. As the part that plays a crucial role in keeping the battery charged, you want to pay more attention to it. Especially if your car is on the older side, the alternator has probably taken quite the beating with the brushes getting worn out. Furthermore, faulty wiring and auto glitches can add to the trouble. Check it with the aid of a multimeter and understand if you have to completely replace it at the shop.

9. Steering Wheel Jerks

You want to pay attention to your steering as you do to the other things in your car. Any trouble with the steering is a strong indicator of an underlying problem. You don’t want all of this to come to a head while you are on the road. If there are sudden jerks, or if it appears stuck or doesn’t move as smoothly as before, do a quick check. This could be a hint that the suspension parts or wheel bearings have been damaged. Book an appointment at the service station at the earliest possible time.

10. Starting Trouble

The starter motor is a crucial component that works in tandem with the battery to propel the engine. So when you notice unpleasant sounds, sudden smoke, or the car refusing to turn on altogether, the starter motor could be the culprit. Even though the fault might be with parts of the starter motor like the solenoid, in some cases you might have to replace the starter motor completely. This is troubling because starter motors are often expensive but how you maintain the car can also make a world of difference. Here is some good information on how to maintain your car.

While these are often fixable issues, sometimes even the little issues can add up, especially when your car is aging side by side. In this case, the better fix is to scrap your current car for a new one. If you are spending way too much money and time tending to repairs, then call Scrap Car Removal on 0432 022 021 to get a fair deal on your old car today.


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